• Algo de vida hay, aunque poca. Estoy en un periodo de esos de poco escribir, aunque haya mucho sin publicar :)
    loka apasionada
    Ola k ase
    (Probando, probando... hay vida por aquí aún?)
    Cabo Upham
    Que bueno, me acorde de ti y me he pasado por aqui.
    Espero estes bien, y podamos vernos pronto. Un abrazo
    Admirando tu EFETEPE!
    Cabo Upham
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Out of the ashes of my youth
- I rise a man
And through the eyes of truth
- I finally understand
The way

I've been beaten with his words
and whipped whith his lies
He will not break me down no
matter how hard he tries
Pray for my lost soul
Out of control the storm inside
me rages on and on and on

Symphony X - Out of the ashes