• Y de vez en cuando... vuelvo y me asomo. Y resulta que estás... poco... pero estás. Y no te lo digo, pero me reconforta y añoro cosas.
    Toda mi vida fueron tus latidos
    Era yo, por cierto.
    Ahora todo es silencio. Echo de menos aquellos sonidos.
    Cabo Upham
    Cuando se detuvieron los sonidos
    Cabo Upham
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Por destacar un trozo de un par de guiones de dos sketches que he visto hoy.

Si alguien no conoce todavía a éstos génios del humor, por favor, no tardeís más:

Monty Python's


Second Writer Splunge.
Larry Did he say splunge?
First and Third Writers Yes.
Larry What does splunge mean?
Second Writer It means ... it's a great-idea-but-possibly-not-and-I'm-not-being-indecisive!
Larry Good. Right . .. (to third writer) What do you think?
Third Writer Er. Splunge?
Larry OK...
First Writer Yeah. Splunge for me too.


First Superman See! How he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!
Cut to Bicycle Repair Man presenting the Superman with a glittering drop-handlebarred bike.
Superman Oh...Oh! Bicycle Repair Man! How can I ever repay you?
Bicycle Repair Man Oh, you don't need to guv, it's all right, it's all in a days work for... Bicycle Repair Man! (he shuffles away)
Supermen Our Hero! (shot of Bicycle Repair Man shuffling, speeded up, into sunset)
Commentator Yes! Whenever bicycles are broken, or menaced by International Communism, Bicycle Repair Man is ready!
Cut to commentator in garden with earphones on, and in front of microphone, which is on a garden table.
Commentator Ready to smash the communists, wipe them up, and shove them off the face of the earth...(his voice rises hysterically) Mash that dirty red scum, kick 'em in the teeth where it hurts. (commentator rises from his canvas chair, and flails about wildly, waving script, kicking over table, knocking down sunshade) Kill! Kill! Kill! The filthy bastard commies, I hate 'em! I hate 'em! Aaargh! Aaargh!
Wife (off-screen) Norman! Tea's ready.
He immediately looks frightened, and goes docile.
Commentator (calmly) Coming dear!